Tuesday, January 17, 2012

How to Date a Vampire by Rose Pressey

How to Date a Vampire is the 2nd book in a Paranormal series by Rose Pressey about a woman named Rylie Cruz who runs a matchmaking service in the heart of New Orleans. Oh and did I forget to mention that she's a werewolf and her matchmaking service centers around other paranormal people.

In this second installment, she has finally convinced her very hot neighbor/boyfriend that she is in fact a werewolf and not the crazy psycho that he was under the impression that she was. After he goes with her to her parents house to deal with some vampire thugs things take a turn for the worse for Rylie and now she has to convince her boyfriend that he may now be a part of the paranormal world.

I really enjoyed this book, the main character, Rylie, is a snarky character that can hold her own with any man. Basically she just kicks ass and takes name. Rose Pressey has a way of writing that is not only on the edge of your seat exciting but manages to make you chuckle in quite a few spot too.

This book gets 4/5 Stars and I personally cannot wait for Book 3 to come out for this one of a kind series.

For more information on this book you can click the link below or go to http://www.rosepressey.com/

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