Friday, May 30, 2014

Flat-Out Bitchslap

Flat-Out Celeste is the sequel to the huge hit by Jessica Park that was reviewed here before. I am a little torn on how to review this novel.

Wait, let me back up. I am not torn about how much I enjoyed the book. I LOVED it! Let's just get that out of the way before anyone freaks out. (I'm talking to you Jessica).

Now, the reason I am torn is because in a way it seems like I enjoyed the book more because I was such a fan of Flat-Out Love and this was a continuation of that book. (with a different main character, and a few years later) But, I also think that on it's own, it's quite a beautiful story in itself.

First for the FOL fans. You will be happy that Julie and Matt have a spot in this book, even though it's Celeste's story. Well, Matt IS Celeste's brother right? Warning, what you learn about how their story has progressed in the amount of time that is missing may shock you and kill you a little on the inside, so that you are in bed lying in the fetal position, crying and cursing the gods wishing you could die... Oh wait, was that just me? *blushes*

For the new readers, (Welcome to heartbreak Island!) Celeste's story is sweet and quirky, just like Celeste herself. 

So whether you are a new reader (who hasn't heard of Jessica Park?!?!) or an old fan like myself, this book is a well written journey about the power of a first love, made especially sweet with the Fast talking, water knocking over, incredibly romantic Justin.

One thing I will note if that Flat-Out Celeste has a much different feel than Flat-Out Love did. FOL was more deeply emotional and heartbreaking. FOC has it's own share of emotional and heartbreaking, but it was more simple, sweeter, and more innocent.

Okay, so this review is all over the place because my mind is spinning after reading the book! (I think Justin could follow along brilliantly though) I will leave you with this.. Jessica Park deserves a huge bitch slap for this novel. (You will have to read the book to understand!)

5 Stars!!!!!!!

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